To a delicious feast of exquisite Baked Goods by Nina!

For over 7 years I have prided myself on creating delicious and healthier baked goods!  Please view my large selection of offerings, including muffins, pastries, macaroons, cakes, and MORE!! 
My products are made using only the finest ingredients. 

Please feel free to explore my website where you can learn about history, view beautiful images of all of my tasty treats.

Latest News

  • Nina's tasty cupcake bouquet


       Impress everyone with this beautiful cupcake bouquet! This personalized gift is a thoughtful, unique and tasty way to say:  "Happy Birthday", "Thank you ", "Get Well",  "Happy Mother's Day" or "Congratulations".


  • Interesting Fact

    Macaroons VS Macarons

    Nope, macaron is not another way of spelling macaroon. Trust me, I know a couple of people who would throw a fit... more

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