A little About Me

At a very young age, Nina was always set out to be the creative and talented woman she is today.

Nina always learning and striving to create something special she always watched the people around her cook delicious food and bake delightful pastries. Once she moved to New York City she knew her opportunities were endless.

Today she is learning and every day creating beautiful cakes, pastries, cake pops, macaroons and basically anything that a deserving client asks for, she is always ready to bake and show the world what she can do. She is free-spirited and loves new people and fresh ideas that she can explore. Baking hasn’t been a plain old hobby for Nina but rather a passion and love to make others happy with her delicious baked goods.

What's new?

  • Mousse Heaven Mousse Heaven

    Mousse cake with banana caramel and chocolate mirror glaze top. Mmm


  • Cake pops Cake pops

    Cake balls, cake pops, have you tried them? I finally decided to make them. Try them, they tasted pretty darn good! more...

  • Macaroon boxes Macaroon boxes

    These simple window boxes are great packing for handmade french macarons. 

    You can decorate them with Nina's ribbon.

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