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Macaroons VS. Macarons

Nope, macaron is not another way of spelling macaroon. Trust me, I know a couple of people who would throw a fit if they hear anyone say “macaroons” when really, it’s “macarons.” (I’ve learned my lesson.)

Macaroons are those chewy mini cupcake-looking things that have dried coconut meat. Macarons, on the other hand, are meringue-based cookies made with almond flour and then filled with butter cream or fruit spread. Unlike French fries that actually originated from Belgium, French macarons did in fact, come from France.

For those who aren’t too sure how to say the word macaron, here’s the French way of pronouncing it. If you forget, you can always just say the color! “Um, yung pink please.” Just say it with confidence. Ha. Then again, who cares if it’s makarohwns or makkarohns! As long as you know where to get them, you’re good!

 Macaron lessons with French Ghef  

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